Five Year Plan

by Five Year Plan

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released October 8, 2014

Produced by Ethan Pollitt, Logan Caputo
DI Studios, Closed Mouth Studios



all rights reserved


Five Year Plan Spring Hill, Florida

Just some Pop Punk dudes from the Sunshine State.

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Track Name: Breaking To Build
I've got videos and pictures, I've got scars and I've got blisters
I have reasons to love people, And I have reasons to be bitter
I am tired, I'm exhausted, I'm beaten down and feel forgotten
My heart is weathered, it's been torn, but through all the pain it's never rotted

You told me "Boy, you can not break, oh no, for me you must stay solid"
But I've been drinking so much pain my body's convinced I'm an alcoholic
I've been in and out of doctors offices, because of stress
And I've been doing for so long what's wrong, when all I want is what is best

I promise I'll remember every day I feel content
And every word that comes out of my mouth will be words i always meant

So pitch a tent, and raise a toast, for all the memories and ghosts
That broke us down and built us up to bring us closer than most
And raise a glass, for the last, broken person that you passed
Because more than likely they are hurting more than you ever have

I remember when we used to always talk about growing up
And right around the time that I was 18, I'd make you fall in love
If I'da known that i was psychic, I would've made it my profession
And used the money to buy a mansion, and rid our children of apprehension.

But love is raw, love is tough, it isn't easy, it isn't fun
When all the world is resting on your back, because of things that you have done

And I've messed up, but i'm not a mess up, though sometimes I feel that's true
The things that keep me on the ground are things I thought that I outgrew

I am sick of being tired, and I'm tired of being sick
Tranquility is growing thin in me, and anxiety's grown thick

And I'm done, trying to remain
A false structure making people think that I will never break
And I'm done, trying to contain
All the pain that's rooted deep in me, cause I'm tired of being fake
Track Name: Not At First
It's as simple as this,
I've got a lot of problems but you've made your way off that list and
It's as simple as words
And forever I will tattoo them into each verse

Now I'm pacing back in forth in my room
Contemplating exactly what I did wrong to you, but
Go ahead and tell all your friends that I'm the bad guy
They'll believe the lies that drip from your lips

It's as simple as eight
Months to break me down and tear through me like a vicious disease
If you saw a lion, would you try and pet it?
Or would you stay as far away as you could get from it?
I know I'm not exaggerating, I promise that I'm not but you might disagree

Don't think for a second I am here with no intentions
You're the reason for my madness
You're what's keeping me distracted
I just want to feel whole, I don't want to reach perfection
I would die before I let you hold the hands that used to hold you

Break my back, with the weight of each and every wretched lie
Like how you'd love me 'till I'm dead, but you won't love me here tonight
Yell at me for all your problems, yell at me because I'm wrong
Well I'm the one who never lied so now I'm yelling in this song

Break the bond that's way to cracked
You broke my heart when you came back
I'm sorry if this comes off mean
I'm being honest cause you hurt me
I don't want to go to places where I'll have to see your face
I'd rather kiss a parasite, than share the same space

Let me paint you pictures of death
And maybe then you'll see how close I came to seeing red
Let me paint you pictures life
With blurry colors covering the blackest, sharpest lines
Track Name: We'll Get There Eventually
Put me on the ground, the grounds where I sit
The shovel that I used, well I buried it
Tired of digging and swimming through dirt
Crushed by my actions, and dried out in desserts

If there is one thing you should take away from this it's that
You thought you got the point but that's exactly what you missed
Don't take my hand cause I'm not the one to save you
I was weak in chapter one, but I flipped the page to chapter two

I've got a new set of morals and standards
I've come quite a ways since I thought i had cancer
My friends have my back and they know I have theirs
They helped me break out of some toxic affairs
I was so calloused, and I had gone numb but
If you asked how I got here, I'd point to where I came from

It's hard to fall down when you push yourself up
It's hard to feel empty when you fill your cup
Half full isn't easy but it can be seen
And I promise you that all pain heals eventually
Track Name: Nevermore
1995, you held me for the first time
As love flowed from out your eyes, and into mine
That loud, yet soothing cry
Carried up to the sky, came back down as a sparkle in your eye

You've calmed the storms, you've dried up the rains
You've felt every bit of pain, that's flowed through my veins
You've always been there, and listened lovingly
So I know you'll be right her listening to me sing

Hold me closer, don't let go of me
Cause you're the first one I loved and the last one to leave
I'll stand by your side, and on the day you close your eyes
You'll be smiling knowing I'll always be your baby

I've been blessed, by the woman that you are
Your love is shown through who I am, you made my heart
And on that day I give that ring I'll make sure I have your blessing
Cause it's what I need
Track Name: Sunflowers (Feat. Haily Taylor)
I know I said that I love you
But love's an understatement at it's best
They'll never matter; the things that you do
Because you stole my heart right from my chest
And I know you aren't the most confident
But believe me, you're worth every compliment

I just want you to know what you mean to me
If you have to you can put this on repeat
Let these words sink in, just let them bleed
And maybe you will see the way I see

I stole your heart after your heart stole me
Through all these years, I never saw it shrink
I know that this might sound so cheesy
But I'm trying to explain what you mean to me
So after everything is all said
Just walk away with the words I love you in your head

I want to feed you when you're hungry
And always keep you warm when you get cold
I want to be with you when you feel lonely
And bring you to your high when you feel low